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Clinisent Ltd.

Calling all distributors!

Diagnostic Reports Simplified

Clinisent is a diagnostic reporting platform, which facilitates multi-stakeholder, multilingual, multi-format reports. Delivering out of the box in Android, IOS, Web, Print and via our FHIR API the platform enables you to communicate your results with those outside of the organisation safely, securely and in a GDPR compliant way.

Offer your subjects better insight into their results, improve the order communications process for your doctors. Gather consent from patients so that you can stay within the law while still deriving value from the longitudinal histories you hold through an engaging consent driven process with your customers.

Add your own test menu, Set and edit ranges, even add your own explanations via our custom content management system.

Imaging compatible enable end users to share results with practitioners using a consent driven sharing process.

The ability to enable customisable alerts for both patient and practitioner will add value to any existing LIMS or PACs platform.

Clinisent is looking for lab supply organisations, Systems Integrators PACs, and LIMS providers to distribute our platform in markets today.

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