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CONAXX 2 Acquisition Software


CONAXX 2 is THE intuitively operable and user friendly system for the acquisition of x-ray images. Whether working with a touch screen or a mouse- CONAXX 2 leads you efficiently through the single working steps up to the final x-ray image. Thanks to the clearly designed work flow you will learn this program within a few minutes. You have never taken an x-ray image faster and easier. Supporting tools like our radiography helper or the digital x-ray journal where all parameters of the x-ray image from the x-ray generator and from the dose area-product (DAP) are saved additionally facilitate your work and save time. Of course, the generator can directly be operated by CONAXX 2. The transfer of patient data or complete x-ray jobs via EMR INTERFACE/Worklist from an upstream system is certainly no problem.

The transfer to a downstream PACS (e.g. our PROPAXX) happens automatically. You can even start multiple jobs- e.g. send image to PACS, create a CD and start DICOM print- at the same time. With the optional module CONAXX 2 Diagnostic Viewer the image diagnosis including the necessary tools is integrated in CONAXX 2. Accordingly, you do not need a separate PACS and it saves you additional investments in software, hardware and service. CONAXX 2 offers you an unlimited storage capacity. All connected devices (generator, tube, DR-modality) are monitored that reduces disturbances and obviously increases the service life of the devices. That is what PROTEC considers as a reasoned product concept and what offers the customer a cost advantage.

CONAXX 2 and PROPAXX as our main software solutions are in the meantime worldwide very well established. That means depending on country and region that these products (with a flexible configurable workflow in any case) are also user- friendly presentable in your language. PROTEC with the help of its sales partners realized by now up to 14 language versions-– truly a success story! But this should not be the end of the story: Whenever and wherever another local language is desired, we provide our partners with a user-friendly translation tool- no matter which letter typology. PROTEC takes care of the realisation and implementation of the new language version for you.

You would like to position your own brand in the market, you are looking for a reliable partner who can offer you products „Made in Germany“ and who can help you fast and unbureaucratically with the further development of your brand thanks too very short processes? You can finish seeking now- with PROTEC you have found this partner. Our software products CONAXX 2 and PROPAXX were developed and programmed in such way that we can respond to a variety of OEM desires from your side.