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Compounding practice can be referred to two different domains: the first is the Pharmacy compounding which is related to the preparation of a customized medication by mixing different ingredients and can be performed at the Hospital Pharmacy or in a Pharmacy specialized in this kind of practice.
The second is related to the industrial field and consists in the preparation of specific solutions and filling in aseptic conditions.

Pharmacy Compounding is the creation of a customized and tailored medication to fit a unique need of a patient. In this practice, a few ingredients are combined and mixed according to a prescription in order to create a new pharmaceutical product to be administered to the specific patient case and condition.
The compounded solutions are mostly destined to parenteral (intravenous) or oral use, and can be used in many medical applications such as Oncology for Chemotherapy and Antitumorals, Clinical Nutrition, Antibiotics administration and others.
Haemopharm has developed a range of products for Pharmacy Compounding which consist of different systems for medication compounding, starting from bags for intravenous use in different sizes and configurations, sterile and ready for use. Compounding bags are available filled with sterile fluid or empty and sterile, to be filled at the hospital or pharmacy. These bags can be custom made according to a specific request, also in multi-compartment design and with needlefree connectors.

Further to systems for compounding Pharmacy, Haemopharm has set up a new department for the aseptic production of sterile fluids through an aseptic isolator specifically designed to maintain an aseptic compounding environment throughout the compounding and material transfer processes.
In the aseptic processing the highest levels of environment control are used: device containers and closures are first subjected to validated sterilization by a terminal method and the sterility of the device is achieved by filtering bulk solution through a bacteria retaining filter into the final sterile product containers.
The aim of the facility is to provide preservation liquids for the containment of cells, tissues and organs and small volume custom-made solutions.

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