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Cnoga Medical Ltd.

CNOGA Medical

CNOGA Medical Ltd. is a privately held international company with headquarters in Israel and branch offices in China and Brazil. Cnoga Medical developed and distributes innovative Non Invasive medical devices for Diabetes & Cardiovascular disease management. Cnoga medical is the first company in the world that developed a line of Noninvasive and pain-free products that comply with the highest accuracy and quality standards. Using a camera real-time color image sensor and unique patent algorithm Cnoga medical manage to analyze the vast amount of data and detect blood chromatic changes as a function body physiology this enable Cnoga the capability to compute desired Bio Parameters in a non-invasive manner.

Cnoga devices have undergone extensive clinical trials and comply with the highest accuracy and quality
standard. Cnoga devices are approved for marketing in more than 37 countries (Certifications: CE mark approved, CFDA, Anvisa, U.S FDA approved for Blood pressure & Pulse).

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