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CLB Introduces the WiFi Messenger

CLB introduces the WiFi Messenger™!

The WiFi Messenger™, which has been specifically designed for the health care sector, enables you to use data, speech and video in one beautifully designed, robust communication device. And it is the only device of its kind to work on a WiFi infrastructure.

Besides the combination of speech, data and video, the WiFi Messenger™ offers you a wide variety of practical functions. For example:

• dual display (top and front)
• freely programmable buttons
• multiple alarm types
• full duplex speech
• location detection (both through conventional VHF/UHF beacons as well as using a WiFi infrastructure)
• telephone
• telephone book and/or speech recognition
• MEMS technology (for example for registration of how often and how badly a device was dropped).

The WiFi Messenger™ is a joint development between CLB and Stanley Security Solutions.

CLB also offers other IP solutions for the health care. For example nurse call systems and acoustic surveillance. In combination with our central software, unicare®, this enables modular systems, connecting departments or buildings, flexible clients for nurse control applications, integration with building management systems, etc.

CLB also offers a nurse call system that has been certified with the European Guideline for Medical Devices (CE 0344). This means that the nurse call system has been approved, using similar criteria as for medical devices. Because, if you are planning to report alarms from medical devices connected to the nurse call system, the nurse call system itself becomes a medical device.

General information about the CLB Group
CLB is producer and supplier of the integrated communication system unicare®. This system offers solutions in the field of nurse call, acoustic surveillance, domotics (home automation), building management, access control, cctv, calamity calls, wireless communication and staff protection.
One of the many strengths of the system is that all the communication is centralized to one point in the system, where all information is available. This enables all the different subsystems to communicate with each other.

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Further information

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