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CGM instead of ECG: Detect more Myocardial Infarctions faster with Cardiogoniometry

Every year, approximately 260,000 Germans suffer a myocardial infarction and about 150,000 of them die as a result. Daily, more than 10,000 patients are admitted to hospital with acute chest pain. In 8 %, the diagnosis of myocardial infarction is confirmed. Therefore acute myocardial infarction is still one of the major causes of death.

Even more alarmingly, many myocardial Infarctions are detected too late or not at all by conventional diagnostic methods like ECG. Consequently, nearly 60,000 people die before they reach a hospital!

The reason for these shocking figures is that many people with non-specific chest pain usually consult their GP first. His initial diagnosis forms an essential part of the further management of such patients. However, the latest studies must give us pause: ECG detects only 30% of all myocardial infarctions and currently used diagnostics show dangerous gaps in accuracy. A myocardial infarction may be present, even when ECG and biomarkers (Troponin) are non-specific!

The results of a study conducted at six cardiac centers in Germany and presented at the annual Congress of the European Society of Cardiology confirm that CARDIOGONIOMETRY, or CGM for short, detects more than 70% of all myocardial infarctions – that is more than double the 30% rate obtained with ECG. Moreover, these results are produced earlier and faster than any of the other diagnostic methods in use.

CGM is a new diagnostic method for detecting myocardial infarctions in both inpatient and outpatient settings. A 12-second CGM exam is fast, safe and completely stress-free for the patient and the device only requires 5 electrodes. Overall, by enabling quicker diagnostic and therapeutic follow-through, CGM can help save lives and improve quality of life.

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