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CE certification for CNAP Monitor 500

Continuous non-invasive arterial pressure (CNAP™) is available for the first time to almost all areas of patient monitoring throughout Europe as CNSystems has received CE certification for its CNAP™ Monitor 500.

Graz, Austria – The choice between continuous but invasive or non-invasive but intermittent blood pressure measurement is now a thing of the past in many medical settings: By providing real-time and beat-to-beat blood pressure values – without any need for arterial cannulation, i.e. entirely non-invasively, CNAP™ defines a new standard of care in blood pressure measurement.

In elevated care areas especially hypotension puts the patient on risk of complications, myocardial infarction or even death: Every minute of unnoticed and untreated hypotension below 80mmHG systolic pressure raises the risk of one-year mortality by 3%, still 85% of all surgeries are done only with intermittent BP monitoring in place. CNAP™, which has already proven its effectiveness in monitoring fast blood pressure fluctuations in diagnostic settings, is the perfect parameter to ensure optimal patient safety:

„For example at induction of anaesthesia or small and medium surgery with the risk of massive blood loss or such procedures, that attenuate compensatory cardiac response resulting in hypotension, continuous real-time but non-invasive blood pressure measurement is of highest medical advantage“,

emphasizes Juergen Fortin, chief executive officer of CNSystems. An opinion confirmed by scientific journals and experts alike, who recommend non-invasive and continuous blood pressure monitoring in at least 12 million surgical interventions yearly worldwide.
CNAP™ is a quick and easy-to-use solution to provide physicians and nursing professionals with continuous blood pressure values, the waveform and the pulse rate. Patients enjoy the advantages of entirely risk- and pain-free monitoring, while actual users commend its fast application and cost-effectiveness.

CNSystems expands the availability of CNAP™ in the area of patient monitoring from the tightly integrated Infinity® CNAP™ SmartPod® available only for patient monitoring systems from Dräger Medical AG & Co. KG to most patient monitoring systems used in elevated care areas by introducing the CNAP™ Monitor 500. “We are very happy to be now able to meet the demand we experienced by many dedicated physicians for CNAP™ in the area of patient monitoring, starting delivery today through our experienced sales network all over Europe.” says Juergen Fortin.

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