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C3c, C4, CH50 now on SPAPLUS Specialist Protein Analyser

Birmingham, October 2010

Three new complement assays have been added to the menu on the SPAPLUS Specialist Protein Analyser: C3c, C4 and CH50. These assays are fully automated, easy to use and provide quantitative results for total complement activity plus levels of C3c and C4 to aid the investigation of immunological disorders especially those associated with deficiencies of complement components (US customers should contact us regarding diagnostic use of the CH50 assay).

C3c and C4 assays are provided as 100 test complete kits including calibrators for a 6 point curve. Reagents have long shelf life and long open vial stability for batch consistency and improved result accuracy.

The CH50 SPAPLUS assay for quantitation of total complement activity in human serum can be used as a screening assay for functional complement. This fully automated assay is ideal for higher workloads, increasing sample throughput and reducing turnaround times. The CH50 200 test kit is complemented by a set of 6 calibrators to produce a 6 point curve, plus controls. Results are quantitative and non-subjective and the assay utilises long shelf-life reagents to provide kit stability and batch consistency. The liposome technology used employs the traditional lysis methodology and has shown good agreement with the CH50 tube test method.

These additions complement the panel of assays currently available on SPAPLUS which include IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD, IgG subclasses and IgA subclasses, FreeliteTM serum free light chain assays, HevyliteTM IgA kappa and IgA lambda assays and Cystatin C.
Binding Site has a wide range of other assays available for measuring complement activity and quantifying individual components of the complement cascade as an aid in the investigation of primary immunodeficiencies.