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InterComponentWare AG

Bridging Heterogeneous System Landscapes in Hospitals

Walldorf, October 21, 2011 – At Medica 2011, InterComponentWare AG (ICW) will introduce a new version of its ICW Master Patient Index (ICW MPI), tailored specifically towards hospital needs. The solution facilitates seamless communication flows between heterogeneous hospital information platforms, eliminating time consuming system consolidations.
Many hospitals are facing the problem of patient data being spread across several technical systems, each of which uses its own numeric ranges. At the same time, centralized subsystems (e.g. radiology-specific) are often introduced through mergers and acquisitions. To ensure that administrative and medical processes work seamlessly and patient data is synchronized between systems without creating duplicate entries, patient identities need to be reliably verified across system boundaries. ICW MPI links patient populations and ID number ranges from connected systems and creates a top-level patient identifier for each patient.
ICW MPI easily integrates into existing system landscapes and message flows. There is no need to adapt legacy systems for the bidirectional communication of patient, movement, task, image and diagnosis data.
ICW MPI acts as an "invisible ID manager:" All message flows pass through the Master Patient Index. It determines whether a patient is already registered in the system and replaces the patient ID of the sending system with a unique patient ID or another identifier registered in the receiving system (see image).
The solution is based on a sophisticated, powerful matching algorithm that guarantees a high degree of automation. It recognizes systematically complex data constellations such as different spelling variants, typing errors and abbreviations and process missing data and standard values (e.g. 1.1.2099 for unknown date of birth). Additionally, ICW MPI offers a browser-based user interface that allows users to review mappings manually to continuously monitor data quality.
The ready-to-use ICW MPI starter package offers hospitals efficient ID management. It can also be equipped with additional available functionalities and can be used as an IHE conformant extension for comprehensive networking scenarios in conjunction with a cross-organizational medical record.