Health Care Originals Inc.

Breathing new life into Respiratory Monitoring

When we think about the standard equipment in the physician’s office decades ago, some that stood out were the thermometer, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope (of course), penlight, scale, etc. They learnt to diagnose a vast array of illnesses with just these tools. After a period of time, office instruments became more sophisticated, including blood sugar testing, cholesterol testing, etc. - testing that was before then normally the purview of a lab. Eventually many of these instruments like the clinical thermometer, blood glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, etc. made their way into homes.

With increasing use, these devices started being transformed, with the majority evolving for continuous monitoring. In the midst of all of this, one set of monitoring lagged behind the others – respiratory. Today, the stethoscope in its basic form continues to be the instrument of choice. Consumers were therefore unable to adopt respiratory monitoring.

The advent of wearables brought on rapid adoption of respiration monitors in its most basic form – respiration rate. While other instruments were well integrated into the consumer lifestyle, respiration monitors were not – its application was more dominant for fitness and basic wellness. But this is not entirely due to late adoption. Development of consumer healthcare respiratory monitors has been stymied as manufacturers have been steering clear of such monitors that could provide meaningful insight as they did for others. A respiratory monitor goes beyond simply respiratory rate and demands the incorporation of other monitoring capabilities.

Enter Health Care Originals’ patch type wearable, ADAMM, which is designed to bring continuous monitoring of true respiratory symptoms into the consumer health space.

This wearable is able to provide not just the basic respiratory rate, but identification of abnormal breath events, chest sounds, etc. and combine that information with heart beat rate, skin temperature, activity, etc. giving a whole new dimension to meaningful, personal, actionable insights. HCO’s ADAMM makes up for all these lost years but more importantly allows respiratory monitoring to move beyond fitness and general wellness and into illness management, diagnostics and more.

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