TMA Medical

Breakthrough in Telemedicine and E-Health with Mobile Care Unit

Making Medecine Mobile with TMA Medical Austria.

Leading the market since 1993, TMA Medical is currently expanding the Mobile Care Unit introduction worldwide.

Designed for stationary, portable use and telemedicine applications, the Mobile Care Unit is a stand alone multi-devices examination system operated and controlled by a dedicated tablet-PC, and easy to customize.

The Mobile Care Unit enables a wide range of examinations (12 lead ECG, NIBP, SPO2, Spirometer, Blood monitor (Lipids, glucose, Ketones), Urine analysis, Audiometer, Hematology, Defibrillator, Ultrasound…) while creating a homogeneous electronic medical record that can be reviewed and transported anywhere (3G, Satellite, PSTN…).

Thanks to Visio conferencing, the Mobile Care Unit is ideal for remote areas, emergency and prevention.

Additionally, The Mobile Care Unit can be interfaced with most of existing telemedicine platforms.

Existing already in several configurations, the Mobile Care Unit can be customized for B2B, OEM or specific client or project requests.

TMA Medical is currently looking for market leaders, partners or investors to expand the Mobile Care Unit introduction worldwide.

For further information:

Contact person - Patrick Sellem - Business & Development