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Breakthough in telemedicine: Mobile Care Unit examination system from TMA Medical

Breakthough in telemedicine: Mobile Care Unit examination system from TMA Medical

Designed portable and stationary use, the Mobile Care Unit is a unique stand-alone multi-devices examination system configured for telemedicine and data transmission via 3G, Satellite, PSTN...

The Mobile Care Unit introduces the first interoperable PC based platform enabling the interface of biosignal sensors from different source origin, and although creating a homogeneous electronic medical record that can be reviewed and transported anywhere.

The Mobile Care Unit is also a breakthrough in telemedicine and ehealth with its user-friendly remote functionalities; all users of MCU systems can communicate each other and exchange clinical data – send and receive - on a secure environment.

Fields of application and operation:
Medical Check-up centres, Homecare, Hospitals and GP network, Private Call Centre, Occupational Medicine, Rural Centre and remote area, Army facilities, Retired Home, Specialists such as cardiologist….

Examinations already available:
• 12 Lead ECG / ECG Electrodes Belt – high end ECG with interpretation and measurements.
• Non Invasive Blood Pressure.
• Pulse Oximetry (SPO2) - Oxymeter and Sensor in one.
• Spirometer – ATS Standard.
• Screening Audiometer.
• Health Scale / BMI.
• Blood test monitor: total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, and ketones.
• Ultrasound scan option.
• Semi Automatic Defibrillator option.
• Digital images library – picture capture functionality.
• Urine analysis – 11 parameters.
• Hemaetholy Automate interface option
• Automated Haematology interface.

Existing already is several configurations; the Mobile Care Unit can be customized for B2B, OEM or specific client or project requests.

For further information:

Contact person - Patrick Sellem - Business & Development