Breaborn debuts at MEDICA 2014 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


Braebon Medical Corporation

Breaborn debuts at MEDICA 2014

SomnoMed Apnea Oral Appliance with DentiTrac

Canadian innovator creates new gold standard device for measuring patients’ sleep therapy compliance

OTTAWA, August 27, 2014 – BRAEBON Medical Corporation will make its first appearance at MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair November 12 -15 in Dusseldorf, Germany, where it will demonstrate the company’s revolutionary DentiTrac® oral appliance compliance system. The system allows clinicians to measure accurately, as never before, how well sleep apnea patients are complying with their prescribed treatment.

Braebon’s patented DentiTrac system combines a wireless micro-recorder embedded in a dental device worn by the sleeping patient at home together with an information-analysing web portal. The highly accurate data about the patients’ therapy adherence habits are picked up by the recorder in the sleeping patient’s mouth, automatically encrypted and uploaded through a base station to the Braebon cloud portal, allowing dental and medical specialists to securely and conveniently assess how sleep apnea patients are doing and adjust their treatment accordingly.

“DentiTrac is really now the gold standard for accurately measuring oral appliance patient compliance, so we knew it was time to bring DentiTrac to the world stage of medical innovation that Medica is,” says Dr. Richard Bonato, Braebon’s CEO and co-founder. “Its measurement capabilities alone make DentiTrac demonstrably superior to CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) technology, the traditional gas mask-and-pump therapy for sleep apnea.”

Dr. Bonato predicts that DentiTrac’s ability to reliably measure sleep apnea treatment adherence will soon make it a must-have for doctors and health insurance payers alike: “We believe such accurate measurement will boost overall growth in the burgeoning dental-sleep medicine market and more specifically cause a dramatic shift towards using oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea.”

Dr. Bonato credits DentiTrac’s reliably robust nature to the company’s unique “Test Treat Trac” development approach, which engages clinicians across multiple disciplines to collaborate and find better, more reliable tools to treat the sleep apnea patient.

“Sleep apnea is a growing worldwide epidemic and Braebon is well positioned with our home sleep apnea testing equipment to both diagnose and manage sleep apnea treatment outcomes – without the patient having to go to a sleep clinic,” says Dr. Bonato.

Added Donald Bradley, Braebon’s CTO and co-founder: “Our challenge was to develop a measurement technology that could not be easily deceived. We had to invent a novel and powerful solution which we’ve secured with IP patent protection. The level of product sophistication connected with our cloud portal is beyond anything we’ve done before. I’m very proud of what our team has accomplished.”

BRAEBON has an agreement in place with SomnoMed Limited (ASX: SOM) as the preferred DentiTrac distribution channel partner in the European Union (EU) and other countries. In North America, BRAEBON is working with numerous leading dental laboratories and is actively seeking distributors for all products in other parts of the world.

About BRAEBON Medical Corporation
BRAEBON is a privately held Canadian corporation and has been in business since 1998 developing and manufacturing medical devices for snoring and sleep apnea in their ISO 13485 manufacturing facility. BRAEBON’s products are sold worldwide for use in the Sleep Medicine and Dental Sleep Medicine fields. BRAEBON is a world leader in portable home sleep apnea testing devices with its MediByte® and MediByte Jr.® recorders as well as its line of sleep sensors and accessories. The Founders of BRAEBON were the original designers of a leading sleep laboratory recording technology which became dominant during the transition from paper to digital recording 20 years ago.

To find out more about DentiTrac and Breabon’s other sleep products and services, please visit us during MEDICA at the Ontario/Canada Pavilion, Hall 16, Booth F44.

In the meantime, we invite you to watch this informative video – – about Braebon’s BridgeBuilder Cloud Portal.

For additional information, contact Richard Bonato, CEO, by telephone at 1.613.831.6690 x202, via email at or visit BRAEBON at