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Brazilian Exports of High-tech Products Surge by 34 Percent

Journalists are invited to a press talk followed by a Brazilian Happy Hour, at 5 pm on 15th November, in Hall 17, Stand 17A38, the ABIMO Lounge.

In step with the growing demand for innovative technology, more than 70% of the Brazilian companies producing health equipment are investing in technological research and innovation. As a result of these efforts, exports of high technology products by the medical and electro-medical industries have seen a 34% increase in 2011.

This was the highest growth amongst overall health equipment sector for the period. Brazil's health equipment companies have earmarked 3.6% of their revenues to R&D (Research and Development) in order to maintain their high quality and expand into new markets, ensuring that the country becomes more competitive within the sector.

The Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association (ABIMO) vice president Paulo Fraccaro said: “In order to survive and grow in a sector such as ours, which requires high technology, constant research and development, the industry needs to innovate.”

ABIMO takes initiatives and develops programmes to encourage technological innovation and research within the health sector's industries. The Inova Saúde [Innovating Health] Award - an annual prize given to companies that stand out for their innovative manufacturing technologies is one such incentive. In order to register, companies need to prove that their product is the result of an increased competitive edge, has potential in the international market, is original, confers advantages and is environmentally friendly.

The environment

In addition to stimulating technological development, ABIMO is committed to sustainable development, leading it to support the CTI (Renato Archer Center for Information Technology) coordinated AMBIENTRONIC Programme. The programme, the first of its kind, promotes the manufacturing of electrical and electronic products in an environmentally correct manner, without impacting on their ability to compete.
Brazilian companies in the electro-medical sector comply with the restrictions regarding the use of hazardous substances in their products and processes, in conformity with the demands in force in the international market. For example, they are already gearing themselves up for the new European Union legislation that, as of 2014, will require compliance with the RoHS* directive, which prohibits the use of heavy metals in the equipment. They will also comply with WEEE**, another directive, which requires electrical and electronic products to be made of at least 70% of recyclable material.

New business

The Brazilian Health Devices industry brand was launched at last year's edition of MEDICA. This year, Brazil will arrive in Düsseldorf aiming to outdo its results from 2011, when the companies led by ABIMO closed deals to the tune of US$ 22 million.

The participation of Brazil's health equipment companies at MEDICA is coordinated by ABIMO, in partnership with Apex-Brasil (the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), within the scope of the project to increase the exporting of Brazilian products.

Trip to Brazil

ABIMO is pleased to invite journalists to a press talk followed by a taste of some Brazilian specialties, not to mention the caipirinhas, at the Brazilian Happy Hour, at the end of second day of the fair, 5 pm on 15th November. Hall 17, Stand 17A38, ABIMO Lounge.

ABIMO will hold a raffle among journalists during the press talk and the winner will receive an invitation to visit next year's edition of Hospitalar, the second largest medical trade fair in the world, held every year in Brazil. All expenses will be paid for by ABIMO.

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* RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment) and ** WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).