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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Brandon Medical Short-Listed for Product Innovation Award

Brandon Medical are celebrating being short-listed for a “Product Innovation” award at the prestigious Yorkshire Forward CIC Awards.

The award comes on the back of product design work which has been undertaken with the Centre of Industrial Collaboration at Sheffield Hallam University. 3 projects have been undertaken in total, most notably the development of Brandon Medical’s new Galaxy Ultra 30D Mobile Operating Theatre Light.

This project has involved the complete aesthetic re-design of the Galaxy Ultra Mobile, with every visible element of the product being carefully evaluated and improved upon.

The end-result is a much sleeker, attractive product which is far more ergonomically effective and easier to use. The base of the Galaxy Ultra Mobile has undergone the most drastic transformation, with a much smaller and compact model emerging. This removes a large obstruction from the floor-space around an operating site and allows a surgeon to stay much closer to the operating table without having to “step around” a large light base.

These new Galaxy Ultra Mobile has proved massively popular with sales increasing by over 350% in the 12 months since the new design was moved into production.

Mr Nigel Davill, Technical Director of Brandon Medical (pictured), is very pleased with how the designs produced by the collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University have helped increase sales – “we always knew aesthetics were important in our product design, and the success of the Galaxy Ultra Mobile has shown what can be achieved when our advanced technology is backed-up with attractive aesthetics”.

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