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Brandon Medical Integrated Digital Theatre

Symposia® is a digital media package incorporating a complete range of Medical AV products servicing a number of users and applications. The system connects medical professionals to a range of AV resources which can be accessed immediately from any location.

Brandon Medical’s Symposia CoPAX® forms the central control in digital operating theatres. CoPAX is an integrated control and display system that combines the display and distribution of high definition laparoscopic images, audio visual control and display functions. All of this is combined into a single, simple to use integrated wall unit. The 42” touch screen features unique applications such as automatic emailing and recording of documents such as operating information to basic administrative tasks. Bespoke functions that have been designed with the NHS client can also be integrated. These include swab and suture count, W.H.O safety checks, ancillary theatre equipment control and even the manoeuvring of the OT table.

Brandon Medical’s Symposia® Digital Theatre allows medical professionals live interaction with surgeons in operating theatres. The technology provides a tool for knowledge sharing including surgical skills best practise, tele-monitoring, medical lectures and communication between multi disciplinary teams. The integrated digital theatre technology builds on Brandon Medicals unique skills in developing surgical training centres.