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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Brandon Medical Focus on R&D

Brandon Medical have announced their biggest ever Research & Development programme, with investment being poured into a variety of new product developments.

The R & D Department at Brandon Medical has doubled in size in the last 2 years, under the leadership of Technical Director Nigel Davill (pictured). This increased capacity will allow Brandon to increase the amount of new products they can bring to market and drastically reduce development times. These new staff are being supported by the installation of a new state-of-the-art specialized CAD system.

The most recent product to emerge from the design studio has been a new Integrated Medical Audio-Visual system. This highly advanced system has the potential to re-vitalise telemedicine, operating around the principle of 2-way audio and visual communications taking place over a hospitals existing IT network – with no need for expensive stand-alone wiring. The system took 3 years to be perfected by Brandon’s design team and they have already been commissioned for several high-profile installations.

The latest Photometric testing equipment has also been purchased for Brandon’s new Design Lab (opened in 2006). This equipment allows for highly accurate testing of light fields and colour patterns and will prove invaluable in developing Brandon’s next-generation of medical lighting products.

As a Company, Brandon Medical have built-up their dominance of the UK Medical Lighting market by repeatedly committing themselves to long-term R&D and Product Innovation projects. This commitment to Innovation was recently recognized by MediLink UK with Brandon receiving their 2007 “Innovation” award for the massive potential of their Integrated Medical Audio Visual system.

Their Design Team have enjoyed many successes, with the most recent being the Galaxy Ultra Mobile Operating Light (pictured) redesign where sales have increased by over 350% in 12 months.