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Brandon Medical’s Lights chosen for Biggest Health Project in North East

Newcastle PFI have chosen Brandon Medical as medical lighting suppliers for the Royal Victoria Infirmary and Freeman Hospitals. This is part of a £250 million contract to transform healthcare services in Newcastle, the biggest health project in the North East. Brandon Medical’s Coolview range of lighting has been selected to provide the hospitals with state of the art equipment.

Brandon’s Coolview range of Medical Examination Lamps provides clinicians with a broad spectrum of lights. This includes the Coolview XM and C50 models which allow excellent movement and positioning all around the examination couch, through to models such as the Coolview C35 which are ideal for use in small examination rooms. It is these models which have been chosen by Newcastle PFI as they were determined to uphold the quality standards being publicised by NHS Estates.

Coolview lights specialize in offering cool, clear ‘daylight’ quality illumination with the different models ensuring the range is suitable for both large and small examinations. Several additions to the Coolview range of examination lights have showcased Brandon’s commitment to innovation. The XM model can be situated on a mobile stand, ceiling mounted or wall mounted. The revolutionary FX arm is ergonomically designed to allow movement in a variety of directions, granting complete access to a patient positioned on an examination couch.

As a provider of specialist medical lighting, Brandon Medical has a proven track record and over 30 years experience working within the healthcare sector. Highly regarded and with a reputation for research and innovation, Brandon offer the most advanced lighting solutions based on the precise needs of the customer. Brandon Medical offer a complete operating theatre package with a broad range of products including UCV Systems, Surgeons Control Panels, Pendants, Emergency Power Systems, a comprehensive range of operating theatre and examination lights and a state of the art integrated Digital/AV healthcare technology package.