Brandon Medical’s Atlas™ Pendants to feature at the Healthcare Estates Exhibition -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Brandon Medical’s Atlas™ Pendants to feature at the Healthcare Estates Exhibition

Brandon Medical’s expertise in the design and layout of operating theatres and equipment has facilitated the development of their pioneering range of Atlas™ Medical Pendants. These Pendants are unique as they have been designed specifically to streamline workloads and make more efficient use of space around the operating site without compromising on quality, flexibility or capacity.

Brandon’s Atlas™ Pendants are unrivaled in the marketplace as they provide a surgeon or anaesthetist with up to 50% more space around the operating site. The Pendants are considerably smaller than other units currently available on the market, with the extra space they supply increasing efficiency and freedom for those working in the operating theatre. Despite their smaller size they retain the same loading/carrying capacity as a larger unit due to their unique modular construction and hexagonally-shaped service head.

This highly flexible, modular construction produces an unbeatable range as it results in hundreds of different possibilities. It is as easy to configure a single-shelved surgeon’s pendant as it is to design a twin-arm ITU pendant, complete with accessories. Medical gas outlets and power sockets can be mounted on either side of the service head, at either the front or the back.

The design of the unique Multi-Function Rack allows for shelves and equipment brackets to be easily moved and reconfigured at a later date. This gives Atlas™ great adaptability and flexibility and allows the pendants to evolve with the changing demands of an operating theatre. The Multi-Function Rack removes the need for the long, bulky columns needed to support shelving and instead takes the form of two vertical poles which are attached to the front of the Service Head.

Brandon Medical offer extensive customisation based on precise customer requirements, allowing every pendant to be designed specifically for its end purpose. A complete design solution is offered, with a digitally planned pendant installation created on a custom-made software program.