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Knight Optical (UK) Ltd.

Blueshift mini, shooting star, Supernova mini spectrometers

Mini Spectrometers

Knight Optical are excited to offer a new range of affordable and durable mini spectrometers with a rugged enclosure that makes them ideal for laboratory and field applications.

Blueshift, Shooting star, Supernova, Redshift, Nebula, Raman galaxy, Knight mini HR and our Knight multisystem mini spectrometers deliver high efficiency in the UV, VIS and NIR spectrums.

All mini spectrometers are supplied with high speed USB-2 connections for easy compatibility and connection for dual and multi-beam use.

For quick and easy measuring all our spectrometers are supplied with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. SpectraWiz® software allows for accurate measuring and displaying wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations and absolute intensities.

Knight Optical’s spectrometers can be configured for measurements of LEDs, lasers, displays, plasma, solar applications (Spectro Radiometry), absorbance, reflectance and low light fluorescence (Spectro Chemistry), Optical metrology, Raman and more!

Knight Optical (UK) Limited has been a global leader in the production and distribution of scientific optical components for 22 years. We are providers of optical solutions and optical components to worldwide companies within the scientific, defence, medical, pharmaceutical, opto-electronic industries.

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