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D-tek S.A.

Bluediver Instrument

D-tek takes the opportunity of MEDICA to present its unique and brand new development : BlueDiver Instrument

This “no pump – no liquid handing” machine presents many advantages :

* Time-effectiveness as results are obtained in less than 1 hour

* Limited maintenance as no pumps/tubes have to be serviced or replaced

* Space-effectiveness as the BlueDiver Instrument is a small and convenient laboratory adapted automate

Key characteristics of the BlueDiver Instrument :
* Processing of the automated Immunodot lines : BlueDot Diver and BlueDot Quantum

* Only 10µl of patient's serum needed

* Result in less than 1 hour

* Testing of 24 patients per run

* Up to 24 similar or different assays can be run simultaneously

* All reagents ready-to-use and no dead volume

* Automatic validation of the test thanks to barcode controls

* Cost effective and space saving instrument