D-tek S.A.

BlueWell LiverScreen : A Unique ELISA test for the Detection of Autoantibodies

BlueWell Liver Screen is the first ELISA test able to detect the most relevant AIH (autoimmune hepatitis) autoantibodies in one single well.
The microwells are coated with a mixture of highly purified antigens:
. LKM-1 and LC-1 are human, full-length recombinant proteins produced in an eukaryotic expression system which ensures native folding and unrestricted immunological reactivity of the antigens.
. SLA is purified by affinity chromatography, using human anti-SLA antibodies, from rat liver extract.
. F-actin is prepared by in vitro polymerisation of highly purified actin monomers from rabbit skeletal muscle. After polymerisation the actin filaments (F-actin) are submitted to a specific folding/stabilizing process ensuring full antigenicity.

The kit includes ready-to-use reagents and controls (Positive, Negative and Cut-Off). The test procedure is completed in less than 90 minutes.