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Biotop to support Hepatitis B vaccination project in China

Biotop to support the Hepatitis B vaccination project in Beijing, China On May 22nd 2007, Biotop joined Chinese Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control (CFHPC), Asian Liver Center at Stanford University (ALC) and Peking University to hold the "Hepatitis B Vaccination for Impoverished College Students" project kickoff meeting in Peking University Hall, with the main theme of "Developing a harmonious campus and sharing love and care". The project, sponsored by Seagate Technology, will be carried out by CFHPC and provide free hepatitis B vaccination to the new students at Peking University with financial difficulties during the period from 2007 to 2009. The project is expected to cover approximately 3,500 new college students in the next three school terms. Biotop is honored to be designated as the syringes sponsor for this project and will donate Biotop's Hooksafe safety syringes for the vaccination.

China has the greatest burden of hepatitis B and liver cancer in the world; it is estimated 500,000 people die of liver cancer or failure caused by hepatitis B every year. Thus it is considered the priority to educate the masses about hepatitis B as well as to have more people vaccinated against hepatitis B. This project in Peking University also serves as a pilot project which aims to educate college students the proper way to prevent hepatitis B and to encourage those who haven't got infected with hepatitis B to get vaccination, the "Hepatitis B Vaccination for Impoverished College Students" project is expected to expand to more local colleges in the near future.