Biohit Plc.

Biohit Offers Now Certified DNase, RNase and Endotoxin Free Pipettor Tips

The Biohit non-sterile and pre-sterilized single tray tips are now tested and certified DNase, RNase and endotoxin free. Endotoxin, RNase and DNase free tips are of great importance especially in life science research, where contamination of the sample can seriously affect the results.

The certified Biohit tips have been carefully manufactured in a protected environment. To avoid contamination from human contact, Biohit has automated the whole manufacturing process. The moulding machines are located in a clean room, and all tip trays are individually and automatically wrapped in an air-tight plastic to rule out any danger of contamination. Moreover, the highly experienced personnel are equipped with appropriate and specially designed protective clothing to diminish the contamination risks.

During the manufacturing process, Biohit tests multiple samples from each tip batch in an independent laboratory for RNase, DNase and endotoxin. The tested and certified tip trays are marked with a special label on the plastic wrapping and the package label.