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Biocote Ltd.

BioCote reduces bacteria by 95 percent in hospital environments

BioCote Ltd, global leaders of branded antimicrobial technology, will be exhibiting at Medica in the ABHI UK Pavilion in Hall 16 from 14th - 17th November.

BioCote will be launching the results from the first ever study to investigate the effectiveness of silver at reducing levels of bacteria in an actual hospital environment. The environmental trial compared two out-patient wards in the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, in the UK. One facility contained furniture and equipment with BioCote antimicrobial protection and one contained standard, untreated items. The products tested in the trials included blinds, tiles, door handles, sack holders and light switches.

The main results were as follows:

• 95.8% reduction in bacteria in the hospital environment that contained BioCote protected products, compared to a standard ward, with no BioCote present.

• 92.6% reduction in bacteria on the surfaces of BioCote protected products, compared to non-protected products in the same facility

The study proves that using silver-based products in a hospital environment can lead to a reduction in bacterial colonisation, resulting in a more hygienic and safer environment for patients. With fewer bacteria in the environment, it is logical that the risks of cross contamination are reduced and consequently the risks of patients being infected with “superbugs”, such as MRSA are reduced.

BioCote protected products contain silver, a natural antimicrobial, with a high efficacy against bacteria, mould and fungi. When micro-organisms come into contact with the silver, their ability to reproduce is inhibited and they die.

BioCote works with leading healthcare companies to offer a wide range of equipment, instruments and furniture that have built-in antimicrobial protection against “superbugs” such as MRSA, Legionella, E-coli, Salmonella and Aspergillus niger (black mould).

In the same way silver is used in catheters and wound dressings to reduce the risks of infection, BioCote incorporate silver into standard healthcare products, to inhibit the growth of bacteria of their surface, making them less likely to cause cross-contamination.

Matthew Harte, Managing Director, comments, ‘Despite regular cleaning, it is impossible to keep surfaces clean every minute of every day. BioCote works 24 hours a day, to reduce the levels of bacteria, mould and fungi on surfaces, in between cleaning”.

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Notes to Editors

1. This is a joint announcement by Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and BioCote Ltd

2. Study details:
The collaboration between the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and BioCote Ltd began in May 2006, when Heartlands Hospital was the first in the UK to equip an out-patient facility with furniture and equipment that had BioCote antimicrobial protection. As soon as the facility had been in use for 12 months, tests began to compare the products with and without BioCote® protection and also to compare the facility to a similar ward which only contains standard hospital equipment.

To make the study as consistent as possible, both environments were out-patient wards with a similar through-flow of patients. All testing was carried out at an independent laboratory. The study has concentrated on bacteria counts on the surface of objects, in the form of TVCs and does not identify actual organisms at this stage.

3. BioCote is available on a wide range of products, from doors to door handles, cubicle curtains to beds, taps to tiling and even medical notes. BioCote protected products are offered at very competitive prices, allowing healthcare institutes the opportunity to create an economic, hygienic environment that can assist in reducing HCAIs.

4. Photos of the unit containing BioCote® protected products are attached. Down-the-line interviews or further photographs can also be arranged.

5. For further information on BioCote, contact Tracey Baker, Brand Manager, BioCote Ltd on 01902 824450.

6. For further information on technical aspects of the actual study please contact Matthew Harte at BioCote Ltd on 01902 824450.

7. For further information from Heart of England NHS\Trust Foundation, please contact Bethan Bishop, Research and Development Manager, Heartlands NHS Hospital, 0121 424 1396.