BioCer present newly super rapid plant-based haemostat Haemocer™ PLUS -- MEDICA Trade Fair


BioCer Entwicklungs-GmbH

BioCer present newly super rapid plant-based haemostat Haemocer™ PLUS

BioCer Gebäude

BAYREUTH, Germany, September 29, 2014:

The newly engineered generation of plant based Haemostat: HaemoCer™ has developed into HaemoCer™ PLUS.

BioCer Entwicklungs-GmbH is a global implantable biological medical device development and manufacturing company headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany.

BioCer Entwicklungs-GmbH commercializes innovative technologies developed in conjunction with leading German Research Institutes and Universities. BioCer´s primary technology is the development and production of plant based haemostatic materials, to assist medical professionals in the control of blood loss in a diverse range of complex surgical procedures.

BioCer constantly strives to improve its products. Supplied in the latest developments BioCer optimized the innovative polysaccharide plant based Haemostat HaemoCer™.

Haemocer™ Plus APH is a plant-based haemostatic agent that utilizes the same raw material as BCE's flagship product HaemoCer™. HaemoCer™ Plus APH technology is delivered in a powder format developed utilizing a new modification to Biocer's Polysacharide Ultra-hydrophilic Resorbable Engineering (PURE) manufacturing process. The new highly absorptive, biocompatible agent now performs at exceedingly fast absorptive speeds achieving results faster and at double the capacity of HaemoCer™.

"HaemoCer™ Plus follows 2 years of development and is a huge technological milestone with clear efficiency benefits. In comparative testing with our first agent HaemoCer™ the accelerated absorbent product nature is significant, and clearly evident to a far greater extreme with older plant-based powdered agents. As surgeons experience the rapid mode of action of HaemoCer™ Plus we expect they will convert, and this product will rapidly dominate this market segment," stated Dr. Markus Heinlein, Managing Director BCE.

HaemoCer™ Plus will be presented at the MEDICA 12th-15th November 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Other meetings in 2014 include CMEF Chongqing, China at BioCer's booth. In 2015 BioCer also plan to attend Arab Health in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and HERNIA in Milan, Italy and welcome expressions of interest in distribution or licensing queries to please visit or email