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Binding Site Expands Offering of Native Auto-Antigens Available to Clinical Researchers & IVD Manufacturers

The Binding Site Inc., in an exclusive arrangement with Arotec Diagnostics Ltd., is pleased announce a major expansion to its existing product offering. Binding Site is now able to supply both clinical researchers and in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturers of autoimmune diagnostic assays with Arotec’s extensive line of native auto-antigens. Available in a range of different packaging configurations, all of the available products display the highest degrees of purity, activity, specificity, shelf life stability, and lot-to-lot consistency.
Expressly designed for use in conjunction with research and the manufacture of auto-immune diagnostic assays, these auto-antigens are sourced and purified from human neutrophils, human plasma and animal tissue. Products produced from animal tissue are solely of New Zealand origin, while those from human origin are obtained from certified blood centers, with complete documentation of donor consent and negative infectious disease serology. A representative sampling of some of the auto-antigen products available include ß2-Glycoprotein 1; Histone; Myeloperoxidase (pANCA Antigen); NGAL; Nucleosome; Proteinase 3 (cANCA Antigen); and Ro (SSA) Antigen.
The Binding Site, Inc. serves the in-vitro diagnostic and life science markets with a comprehensive line of innovative products. For additional information, contact The Binding Site, Inc. at 5889 Oberlin Drive – Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92121 USA. Phone: 800-633-4484; FAX: 858-453-9189; Email: info@thebindingsite.com. Please visit our website at www.thebindingsite.com.