Beurer set to present the new AW 85 activity watch at MEDICA 2015 -- MEDICA Trade Fair


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Beurer set to present the new AW 85 activity watch at MEDICA 2015

Beurer set to present the new AW 85 activity watch at MEDICA 2015

As part of the MEDICA 2015, Beurer will present - in hall 12, stand A31 - its new activity watch the AW 85 Bluetooth® that not only tells the time, but supports the user with their daily routines. In addition to comprehensive activity tracking, the product also notifies the user of incoming calls and messages, and can be used as a handy remote camera timer.

AW 85 – a watch for your daily activity routine

The new activity watch lets users record their activity levels and send this data directly to the Beurer HealthManager app using Bluetooth® Smart technology. Data captured and sent to the app can include number of steps, distance covered, calorie consumption, activity duration and achievement of daily activity goals. Following data transfer, the user can then view the data in a clear table or graph format.

AW 85 – Notification of incoming calls and messages

The AW 85 is more than just an activity tracker. As well as information on daily activity levels, this elegant watch also informs the user of incoming calls and messages such as e-mails, SMS or messages (WhatsApp/Twitter etc.) received on their smartphone. The user can be alerted by an LED, vibration or an acoustic signal. All notifications are shown by pressing a button and messages can be cleared in the same way.

AW 85 – For the perfect selfie

The watch can also be used as a remote camera timer. Pressing the button once opens your smartphone camera and pressing it again activates the remote timer. You can set up your smartphone to take a photo wherever you are and take group photos that include everyone, for example.

AW 85 – Smartphone locate function

If you mislay your smartphone, you can enable the search function by pressing a button. An acoustic signal will then sound, enabling you to locate the lost phone. It also works the other way round: the smartphone will locate your watch if you are unable to find it.

Transferring data to the Beurer HealthManager

The Beurer HealthManager is part of the Beurer Connect product group and offers a comprehensive health management system for the user.

Alongside the activity watch, Beurer also offers other compatible products including personal scales, blood pressure monitors and blood glucose monitors. It is easy and convenient to save, analyse and compare measured body values in the different categories. The user can send data to the HealthManager PC software using the conventional USB method or directly to the HealthManager app via Bluetooth® Smart technology. The HealthManager web version allows users to synchronise all data between the various systems – be it PC, iOS or Android.

Data protection & data security

Beurer has had TÜV Rheinland certify the Beurer HealthManager web application under the "Data protection and data security" standard. In the context of an extensive security review by specialists in the field of information security, it was confirmed that the Beurer HealthManager online portal meets the legal requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).