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Beurer FM 150 leg compression therapy – a new lease of life for tired legs

After a long day, legs can often feel heavy. The Beurer FM 150 helps recovery by delivering a revitalising pressure massage that relieves muscle tension and promotes blood circulation. The FM 150 leg compression therapy will be presented at MEDICA 2016.

That "heavy leg" feeling can be caused by inactivity or one-sided strain. The FM 150 improves vein function and relieves tension by providing a pressure massage. This works as follows: If you have weak or diseased veins, vein valves do not close. As a result, the blood backs up.
The pressure of the compression massage restores the vein valve function. The blood flow to the heart is stimulated, thereby relieving muscle tension and preventing varicose and spider veins.

The compression massage provided by the FM 150 is delivered via two leg cuffs with integrated inflating and deflating air cushions. The leg cuffs are alternately inflated, helping to reduce swelling and heavy legs. The leg cuffs can be adjusted individually using the hook-and-loop fasteners to ensure a comfortable fit. The massage intensity is continuously adjustable. A safety STOP button interrupts inflation if the pressure is uncomfortable. The deflation function enables the air cushions to be emptied quickly – operated via a hand switch. A timer function is also available for time intervals of 10/20/30 minutes. The product comes with a storage bag for transportation when on the move. The FM 150 is an approved medical product. It can be operated on battery or mains power.

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