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Beurer AS 95: Keeping up with day-to-day life

Whether normal walking or targeted running training: exercise keeps you healthy. With the AS 95 Pulse activity sensor, Beurer is presenting a product which combines counting steps and pulse measurement at the MEDICA 2016. When linked to a smartphone, the AS 95 Pulse additionally provides notifications for incoming calls and messages.

AS 95 Pulse activity sensor
The AS 95 features a high-quality design, making it the perfect business partner. After all, not only does it boast the functions of an activity sensor and a heart rate monitor, the AS 95 Pulse also alerts the user to incoming calls, SMS and messages and displays the date, time and battery state. Measured values are automatically saved for 30 days and nights. The OLED XL display is extremely easy to read. Water splashes are also not a problem for this device thanks to its splash-proof design.

1. Activity and sleep tracking
Every step counts. That is why the activity sensor records every step and provides information about the number of steps, distance covered, calorie consumption, activity duration and achievement of the daily activity goal. It records sleep motion activity and sleep duration during the night. The free "Beurer HealthManager" app enables optimum, accurate activity monitoring and sleep analysis.

2. Pulse measurement
The pulse is measured on the wrist via an optical sensor, enabling live tracking of the heart rate via Runtastic or other fitness apps, for instance.

3. Notification function
If the Bluetooth® function on the smartphone is enabled, the AS 95 will alert the user to incoming calls and SMS, displaying the number or the name stored in the smartphone. The relevant symbol is displayed for incoming messages via WhatsApp or Facebook.

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