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Better off with water-jet-OP

Examples of opportunities to use helix hydro-jet:
- In prostate operations with the helix hydro-jet, there is an opportunity to maintain the male libido up to a figure of 90 percent – more than 30 percent more as hitherto.
- A liver dissection using water-jet proceeds with much
less bleeding. This means, inter alia, that the need to use blood stocks can be avoided.
- In intervertebral disc operations, there is a risk that the central ligaments will be severed. The con-sequence: Numbness and lameness are apparent. Water jet technology leaves these nerve tracts undamaged.
- There are numerous nerves in the tongue. If a nodule
has to be cut out, there is a risk that the patient’s speech is damaged or that he suffers partial taste loss. In water-jet operations, more nerves remain.
- The surgeon can generally proceed completely differently when removing tumors and not simply by excising a large area:
with the water-jet, he moves around the tumor and lifts it out. This means that you can also retain more of the vital organ after removing the metastases.
- In neurosurgery, the surgeon can divide the compact, highly complex brain mass into sections using the water-jet. This is gentler than when an area has been cut and an area attacked, which could lead to irreparable failure as a result.