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InterComponentWare AG (ICW)

Better Communication in Family Physician-Centered Health Care in Baden Württemberg

Improved Data Sharing Between Hausarzt+ and PMS Software

Walldorf/Stuttgart, January 29, 2009 - In the run up to Medizin 2009 four suppliers of physician practice management systems and
InterComponentWare (ICW) announced that data sharing between their systems and Hausarzt+, an add-on software for the family-physician medical care contract in Baden-Württemberg, has been made ever more quick and easy. The releases for the second quarter of 2009 are already being delivered with expanded interfaces between Apris, APW-Arztpraxis Wiegand, PegaMed, Profimed and Hausarzt+.

PEGA managing director Peter Eismann declared: “We defined the expanded interface together with Apris, APW, Profimed and ICW and it took only a reasonable amount of effort to integrate it into our PegaMed software for medical practices. It enables our customers to participate in the AOK Baden-Württemberg's family physician-centered medical care contract and other contract arrangements of the German Association of General Practitioners securely and easily.

The expanded interface satisfies a number of wishes from Doctors to make the management of family medical care contracts more easy: For example, patients who participate in the AOK's family medical program are registered simultaneously in their doctor's existing medical software and in Hausarzt+ and are linked in both programs. This enables switching directly back and forth between the patient's file cards in both systems. Medications that are prescribed over Hausarzt+'s advertisement-free prescription function can be documented in the medical practice software immediately. Additionally, long-term diagnoses can be entered into Hausarzt+ from the medical practice software with a simple click of the mouse.

"ICW will provide this interface, which was developed in cooperation with Apris, APW-Arztpraxis Wiegand, PegaMed and Profimed, to any interested producer of software for medical practices free of charge," promises Peter Reuschel, ICW CEO. "It will enable any supplier to make it easier for its cus-tomers to participate in family medical care programs with Hausarzt+ with a minimum of development effort." In future, cooperation between the developers of software for medical practices and Hausarzt+ is expected to become even more intense based on the ICW Software Development Kit (SDK), which is available for developers free of charge.