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Berlin Firm ETLog Health GmbH holds Waste Workshop in Nigeria

Berlin/Abuja. The firm ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics GmbH held a workshop training programme in Abuja between 4 and 6 April. The programme was carried out in co-operation with the Nigerian firm Rova Healthcare Executives and with the support of the Nigerian Ministry of the Environment.
With 130 million inhabitants, the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the most highly-populated country in Africa. According to statistics from the Foreign Office, the state of the healthcare system is regarded as critical. Medical provision poses problems in terms of technical, administrative and / or hygienic conditions, especially in the large cities. Although Nigeria belongs to the oil-producing nations, donors estimate that roughly two-thirds of the population live on less than 1 US Dollar per day. These are only some of the reasons why organizations such as the WHO or the UNEP organize workshops in Nigeria. The aim is to raise the issue of the situation in the Nigerian health care system and introduce long-term improvements.
The subject of the workshops in April was the safe disposal of waste in hospitals. The workshop focussed on the avoidance of infection from hospital waste with diseases such as Hepatitis or HIV. The participants from ministries, authorities, healthcare institutions and organizations were able to gain a comprehensive and well-researched overview of the current activities undertaken in the waste-management sector in Nigeria. A subsequent discussion of the matter facilitated an exchange of experiences between the authorities and the hospitals. In addition to the danger of infection through infectious hospital waste, the matter of privatization was also raised. According to Mr Kühling, the managing director of ETLog Health GmbH the AIDS prevention game Think Negative! developed by ETLog Health GmbH had “created great interest in the Nigerian authorities.”
According to the IRIN [Integrated Regional Information Network], the Nigerian state programme has set itself the goal of providing access to HIV/AIDS treatment in all of the Nigerian states by the year 2006.