Benmor Medical (UK) Ltd.

Benmor Medical Celebrates 20th Anniversary

2016 marks 20 years since Benmor Medical introduced specialist equipment which would help to improve the care of bariatric patients around the UK.

Aware that there were no companies in the marketplace that could provide products specifically designed for the needs of the larger person and more importantly the public had no knowledge of what was available, Benmor Medical wanted to meet the needs of these people by bringing in a range of beds, chairs, commodes and hoists which would improve the dignity and care that a larger person receives.

Benmor Medical is a leading provider of bariatric care equipment and was the first company in the UK specialising in bariatric patient handling equipment.

“Every bariatric patient will have differing needs ranging from total nursing care or mobile and independent. It is essential that the understanding of challenging patients within the bariatric sector - both mobile and immobile - is considered when choosing the correct equipment”. Peter Staddon, Managing Director

Unique to the market, Benmor Medical design and manufacture innovative products in the UK which help to improve patient care and maintain safety for healthcare professionals.

With branches located in Hampshire, County Durham and Leicestershire, Benmor Medical are well equipped to deliver excellent service nationwide, and provide emergency rentals 24/7.

“Benmor Medical provide a fast and efficient service that enabled us to care for patients in a bed most suitable for their needs” Moving & Handling Co-ordinator.

2016 has also seen the business reach out to its customers in the form of specialised CPD training courses which gives a comprehensive look at finding solutions for working with larger patients. The course gives you the opportunity to learn on a practical level the techniques and skills required to treat a larger patient, which is supported by theoretical learning. The training will focus on protecting staff members from injury while treating overweight patients, as well as ensuring patients are treated with dignity.

Training staff in bariatric patient handling methods and increasing awareness of what equipment and resources are available is essential so they can cope with an ever growing population.

For more information on any of the items featured please contact info@benmormedical.co.uk or call 0333 800 9000.

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