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BeamOn LA for measuring uniformity distribution of IPL

Today hair removal by lasers or IPL (intense pulsed light) is a well known and common technique. There are no statistical differences in effectiveness between hair removal technologies, but there is a higher incidence of side effects with diode laser based treatment. Because of price issues IPL is a wining technology especially for home usage. In most cases the radiating aperture of these devices is very large and current beam profiling instruments are not adequate for uniformity characterization of IPL systems.
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal are technically based on xenon flash lamps that emit a full spectrum of wavelength, they are as effective as laser hair removal and very popular. IPL unlike lasers are very difficult to characterize due to their wide spectrum, large footprint and unexpected variance due to the arc lamp operation. IPL systems typically output wavelengths between 400 nm and 1200 nm. Filters are applied to block lower wavelengths, thereby only utilizing the longer, redder wavelengths for clinical applications. IPLs offer certain advantages over lasers, principally in the pulse duration and beam size.
Current beam profilers have limited apertures and are not adequate for large IPL beam characterization. Duma Optronics newly introduced BeamOn LA offers a full measuring capability of large apertures (LA) and meets standards requirement such as IEC 60601-2-57. The standard requires that “spatial variation over the treatment area shall not deviate from the average irradiance or radiant exposure by more than ±20%”, this requirement is expected for the center 80% of the treatment area. The BeamOn LA will offer an easy to read software interface to check compliance with the standard.