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Beacon Hospital Choose Brandon Medical’s Integrated Video Suite

Beacon Hospital have chosen the latest medical communications technology with the installation of Brandon Medical’s award-winning Integrated Medical Audio-Visual system.

Every operating theatre has been equipped with Brandon Medical Galaxy Ultra lighting, camera systems and flat-panel monitors. The audio & video feeds from each theatre are encoded and made available using IP (Internet Protocol) over the hospitals own internal communications network.

A fully-equipped seminar room has also been provided to decode and display the audio & video feeds for teaching and training. 2-way audio and video communications are available in the seminar room, allowing full interaction between the operating team and any spectators. The video feeds can be switched between using a simple control box in the seminar room. A software alternative is also available.

Brandon Medical’s involvement in Beacon Hospital went beyond the Medical Audio-Visual system. Brandon offer a complete package of specialist medical lighting which Beacon took advantage of with Galaxy Ultra Mobile Surgical Lights, Coolview Examination lights and Astralite Minor Surgery lights installed throughout the hospital.

Beacon Hospital is a large new private hospital in Dublin, Ireland. The showcase site for GE Technology in Europe, Beacon has placed a heavy emphasis on harnessing the latest medical technology for the benefit of patients throughout the hospital. This strategy has been reflected in the choice of Brandon Medical’s latest innovative technology for both their AV and lighting systems.