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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Bangladesh Army Have Brandon Medical in their Sites

Brandon Medical have entered into a major new contract for the supply of operating
theatre lighting and power back-up systems to the 23 hospitals operated by the
Bangladesh Army.
The first phase of this contract has just been completed, with Brandon successfully
completing the first 7 operating theatres with their state-of-the-art Galaxy Ultra lighting
and medical grade U.P.S. systems.
Unusually, the Bangladesh Army chose a two-stage tendering process for this contract,
with a technical evaluation being followed by a more conventional price tender.
Brandon’s products performed so well in this first stage that they were automatically
passed into the second stage, whilst only one other competitor managed to struggle
Having already proven their technical merit, Brandon went on to successfully win the
contract through a more conventional price tender.
This is not the first major contract Brandon have won in Bangladesh. They have
previously supplied the prestigious Diabetics Association of Bangladesh in Birdem (one
of the countries leading medical centres) with their award-winning surgical lighting. The
health authorities have been very impressed with the lights at Birdem and Brandon came
highly recommended locally for this new contract.
Brandon Medical are experts in medical lighting design with over 30 years of healthcare
experience. The Company manufactures and markets a wide range of medical lighting
products, from operating theatre lamps through to bed head lamps. Brandon have a
strong reputation for research and innovation, having won numerous international
awards. This powerful reputation has lead to Brandon becoming the supplier of choice
for many international healthcare authorities, a group which now includes the Bangladesh