Background Reports 2017 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

Background Reports 2017

jumpBALL – thrombosis prophylaxis easy as child's play

Medical life savers – Intensive-care medicine and monitoring at MEDICA 2017

Hospital care: understanding IT as a tool

Digital medicine – eHealth and mHealth at MEDICA 2017

Health-i Award: The best ideas for the health of tomorrow

Research and diagnostics – laboratory technology at MEDICA 2017

The MEDICA START-UP PARK: spotlight on young companies

Serious Games - getting healthy while playing games

MEDICA 2017: Cutting-edge, look into the future

A look at the medicine of tomorrow – At MEDICA Preview in Hamburg

Optical coherence tomography - Looking into the vessel with light

Point-of-care testing in the hospital – quality diagnostic results

The changing landscape of health care – German small and medium-sized companies size up the global economy

ICAROS VR - Training and Prevention in Virtual Reality

Light microscope ChipScope - a glimpse into living cells

Photochemical internalization – A new hope against bile duct cancer?

Hospital hygiene - Little helper tool for hand disinfection

Radiology – How an MRI machine makes its way into an office

Light instead of darkness – Seeing with the Argus II Implant

Working in pediatric hospice - not the place for sadness

Swallowing Disorders – avoiding errors related to medication administration

Telemedicine – Immediate and lower-cost care