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Prevalence rate of osteoporosis has been increasing as aging population is rapidly increasing that a special care shall be taken for young females recently suffering from frequent disease incidence. Hereupon, BMTECH Worldwide (CEO: Han Seung Mu/ is exerting the greatest effort to maintain healthy condition of citizens making them stay free from various types of disease and illness including osteoporosis by developing and producing various medical devices including ultrasonic bone density measuring device.

Osteoporosis is a disease entailing fracture due to weak and low bone density that the risk of reoccurrence of re-fracture is being increased along with severe after-effect. If pelvis is fractured, or in case of arthrodynia, there is a high risk of death due to after-effect and hence is regarded as a common but fatal disease. Osteoporosis is now a serious issue on the national health as well as on women in the menopause due to an increased average life span. However, only about 4% of the patients in need of treatment of osteoporosis are being given remedy, and most of the remaining patients neglect it. Unlike the past when it was difficult to diagnose and treat osteoporosis, it currently becomes feasible to manage and treat the disease. Therefore, a special case has to be taken.

As a company specializing in the medical instruments that posses the best technology in the field of bone density measurement and cerebral blood flow diagnosis, BMTECH Worldwide pursues to achieve more than 80% of market share in the area of bone density measuring device in a market size of one trillion up to 2017. BMTECH Worldwide has successfully commercialized ultrasonic wave cerebral measuring device, ultrasonic wave musculoskeletal symptoms, ultrasonic wave pain and skill treating device, and digital X-ray portable detector. This is an outstanding outcome achieved by a group consisting of well-reputed 60 professors in the medicine college and medical engineering field and specialists in each of the fields participating in the product development and clinical experiment.


Releasing 4 types of new DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorbing measurement) bone density measuring devices that perform with high speed scanning and high resolution video early this year for the first time in Korea; BMTECH Worldwide is now accelerating to advance to the global market. BMTECH Worldwide is already exporting the best quality bone density measuring devices to 47 different countries in all over the world and exerting the greatest effort to build pioneering position in the field of bio and medical instruments and to become a Mecca in the area of medical instruments and bio-industry.

All the hard works paid off with outstanding research outcome

CEO of BMTECH Worldwide was born as a son of a poor farmer and became a CEO of global leading company of medical instruments. However, it was not as easy as it looked to be successful in his career. Completing bachelor degree in the State University of New York at Buffalo, he has submitted doctoral dissertation and a letter to the medical instrument company in Korea in order to commercialize osteoporosis diagnosing device based on the research achievements in the past. He ended up hearing from Medicine Corporation after several months. However, Medicine Corporation asked him to come to Korea since it was difficult to commercialize the product in the market. However, he still wanted to maintain his career in the research in America and ended up postponing the commercialization of the research achievements he has dreamed of. Afterwards, he was sponsored about a hundred million Won as a research fund supporting from the Small and Medium Business Administration after coming to Korea and started founding the venture company using this supporting fund as seed money. It was the starting point of the second chapter of his life.


“I had no experience of working at the company, so establishing a company was so difficult to me. On top of that, working as a professor while preparing for foundation of the company at the same time was not as easy both physically and mentally.”

I was already aware of how much it was difficult to earn money reflecting his personal experience of working as a part-time and studying at the same time while studying abroad. He was so passionate to continue study even though his family could not financially support him when he was young. He went to America only after purchasing airplane ticket with nothing else and still in short of tuition even after receiving scholarships. This was how he learned to lead a life. At that time, he had to do all the unpleasant works and is still against meat due to mental trauma in the past. He is now serving as a paradigm for all the college students losing vision and dream in Korea. CEO Han hopes for more young people to pursue their dream and challenge limit to make a brighter future in our society. He also said, “I know more it takes much more than just me to change the future in our society and am more than ready to be of a support for all the young adults in Korea as it says in the Bibl that ‘a piece of wheat stays unproductive unless it does not fall down and is rotten under the ground, and, if it is, it becomes a fruit.”

Advance Global Market with Technology Development via Industry-Academic Cooperation

Serving as a full-time professor in the major of medical engineering at Kyunghee University and running the business at the same time, CEO Han is in an extremely tight schedule. In the beginning of the business, he ended up sleeping less than 4 hours a day trying his best to achieve goals in both areas. However, he has been always sorry for students, faculty, and employees at school. He recollected that he was in an extreme pain and fear when a critical point came along threatening the survival of the company considering how much efforts he has put in. Family members still worry the CEO Han always pursuing something new and risky over stable career as a professor. However, he said, “There was no single day that I had not suffered from threats from the competitors while running the business for the past 15 years. I prayed all in my heart wishing to overcome all the obstacles, and here I am now. I always try to look in a bright side lf all the chips are down and will overcome obstacles in the future.”

BMTECH Worldwide is now advancing their ways through in the market based on outstanding technology including acquisition of original technology of promising products, possession of intellectual properties and dissertations including patents, many successful cases of the commercialization, and possession of technology for producing outstanding quality products. BMTECH Worldwide is ready to show that success can be achieved without reputed brand name or sales network but with differentiated and continuous R&D.

CEO Han said, “we are now acquiring high quality technology based on the outstanding research personnel via industry-academic cooperation producing the core medical instruments from nationally designated top 13 industries-academics cooperation. Customers were in doubt in the first place when we released the best quality product in about a half price of other dominant companies. However, customers and other well-reputed companies in the world slowly figure out how valuable our products are, and it makes us feel fruitful. We will lead the market with core medical engineering technology completed with incorporation of cutting edge BRT and IT in the future.”