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MEDICA 2016 counts with 47 companies from the Brazilian Health Devices project

A broad portfolio of products from different sectors will be presented by the Brazilian companies participating at MEDICA 2016, held in Dusseldorf between November 14-17. Due to this diversity, Brazil is represented by 39 companies in the main pavilion, four in Hall 3, for laboratories and another four in Hall 4, for physiotherapy and orthopaedics.

On the list of orthopaedics launches, the Neospine Cannulated Pedicle Screw from Neoortho, a company specialising in orthopaedic products that has already participated in five editions of the fair. This new product is a spinal implant and is part of the company’s portfolio of pedicle screws, providing an option for low bone quality, osteoporosis and/or congenital deformity cases.

The pedicle screws by Neoortho are seen in the market as providing solid cost-benefit. Currently, the company is growing and consolidating its position in Latin America, while simultaneously seeking to open up new markets in emerging countries and nations of East Europe.

Traumec specialises in products for craniomaxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery and orthopaedics, and at MEDICA releases the NeuroEndoview Plus – an instrument (cannula) to access lesions deep within the brain. This product is cylindrically-shaped and features a set of dilators that assist in creating the entry orifice, which is less aggressive to the brain tissues, faster and offers the surgeon a greater field of view.

This means the NeuroEndoview Plus is less traumatic compared to its competitors, which are elliptical and lack the option to dilate the brain tissue before introduction. Furthermore, it has the ability to be used with an optic guide, allowing the surgeon to observe details in the brain tissue to be operated on and improve the patient’s post-operative recovery.

Traumec’s portfolio for the fair focuses on equipment and products that offer effective solutions for craniomaxillofacial surgery and neurosurgery.

The star of the imaging portfolio Estek Tecnologia em Produtos brings to MEDICA is the Facebox. This equipment standardises facial photographs using special optics designed to prevent reflections and deformations, allowing for colour UV fluorescence photography that reveals porphyrin, etc. The Facebox also features an adapter for compatible with virtually all smartphones, enabling the use of free software.

Also launching at the fair is the company’s third generation of the Carbtek Advanced machine, and equipment for carboxitheray and its flagship product.

These companies are members of Brazilian Health Devices, a project run by the Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association (ABIMO) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

ABIMO invites you to come and celebrate Brazil’s 15 years at MEDICA:

BRAZILIAN HAPPY HOUR – Hall 17 A38 – Tuesday – 15 November 2016 – 5pm


The mission of the Brazilian Health Devices project, run by ABIMO in partnership with Apex-Brasil, is to nurture the industry’s exports of health articles and equipment. BHD is the brand that unites the national sector’s exporters and represents them internationally.

BRAZILIAN HEALTH DEVICES AT MEDICA 2016: Hall 17 (ABIMO 17 A38 ), Hall 3 (stands 3 B64) and Hall 4 (stands 4 J06)


ABIMO (the Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association) is the agency that represents the Brazilian health products industry and seeks to promote the sector’s sustainable growth on the national and international stage.


Apex-Brasil (the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) aims to develop the competitive edge of Brazil’s companies by promoting the internationalisation of their business and attracting direct foreign investment. Apex-Brasil currently supports more than 12,000 companies from 80 sectors of the Brazilian economy, which account for exports to more than 200 markets. The agency also coordinates efforts to attract DFI (Direct Foreign Investment) into the country.

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