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BLS Systems To Introduce Convertible Oxygen Mask at MEDICA

Oakville, Ontario, June 15, 2011 - Medical device designer and manufacturer BLS Systems Ltd. will unveil an updated model of its convertible FLO2MAX high concentration oxygen therapy mask at MEDIA 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany, November 16-19.

Designed using the same principles as BLS’s popular Rescuer© Manual Resuscitator, the FLO2MAX oxygen mask relies on a series of one-way valves in an enclosed mask to maximize oxygen delivery and eliminate room air dilution.

“The oxygen mask is the most widely used mask type but its design has stayed pretty much the same for decades. Historically there’s only been one significant change to the standard oxygen mask – the elimination of the exhalation valve, for safety reasons,” says Stephen Flynn, the FLO2MAX’s designer. “Removing the valve protects the patient from suffocating, should the oxygen cylinder run out. However, the removal also leaves a large hole, allowing room air to be inhaled with each breath. As a result, the patient takes in much less oxygen than needed.”

By comparison, the FLO2MAX ensures that the air flow to the patient is 100% oxygen for maximum benefit. Once achieved, the healthcare provider can adjust the mask to also allow room air in, thereby regulating oxygen concentration to suit the patient’s condition.

As well, the FLO2MAX mask distinguishes itself from other oxygen masks by being convertible to the second most common mask, one that delivers medication.

“Most paramedics and hospitals use two different masks, switching between them while caring for the patient,” explains Flynn. “So we’ve designed the FLO2MAX mask to not only change easily between oxygen and medication functions but even to provide both at the same time.”

The FLO2MAX also contains an integral disc-shaped filter that traps 99.99% of exhaled particles such as bacteria and unused medication.

At MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair,, BLS systems will be exhibiting in Hall 16, Booth G42, as part of the Ontario, Canada pavilion

BLS Systems Ltd of Oakville, Ontario is a designer and manufacturer of high quality CPR masks, manual resuscitators and oxygen masks. BLS Systems Ltd products are sold globally through a number of highly reputable distributors. For more information on BLS Systems Ltd, please contact: Ted Reesor, RRT, Director of Marketing at, or visit the corporate website at