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BInamic from Bauerfeind promotes natural foot rolling characteristics

The worker amongst insoles

Many jobs in the production and gastronomic sectors are associated with long walking and standing stresses. These stresses, especially over a period of several years, are a considerable challenge to the foot. In addition to this, incorrect walking patterns stress the basic toe joints considerably, which means that pain often occurs in these areas. One remedy is the dynamic insole BInamic from Bauerfeind, one of the leading manufacturers of medical aids. The flexible insole supports the natural rolling characteristic of the foot during walking and protects the heavily-stressed foot regions when standing.

It goes without saying that one protects the feet against external injuries using the right working shoes. It ought to be just as important to prevent the foot being subjected to overloading and pain, and to support its natural function using the right insoles.
Almost everyone has noticed that your feet no longer quite want to do what you want after a long day. Everyday walking and standing stresses affect our entire movement apparatus, and especially its foundation - our feet. Incorrect foot positioning and the incorrect gait development resulting from this leads to increase stresses in the feet, and incorrect or protective stances lead to modifications in the body statics. Possible results are early fatigue, joint wear and pain throughout the entire movement apparatus.

The dynamic insole BInamic prevents these problems and enables long-term standing and walking without pain. These benefits are provided by the soft damping zones in addition to the solid components with their hard insole cores. The stable heel border centres the heel and therefore stabilises the entire hindfoot during the step-down phase. Five flexible springs promote the correct foot rolling movement under the basic toe joints. The soft, flexible material in the heel area and at the outer edge of the insert reduces pressure loading in these sensitive zones. Your feet will be perfectly protected round-the-clock with BInamic in your working shoes.