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BIT Analytical Instruments

BIT captures the US market

Frankfurt, Germany – Boston, MA USA, 5/31/2007. BIT Analytical Instruments, Inc. Boston, MA USA, has expanded its US business. BIT now holds 50% of Source Scientific LLC, Irvine, CA strengthening its presence in the US, the world’s largest diagnostic/medical market, as a global contract service provider. BIT Group, the European market leader in the IVD outsourcing, manufacturing, and after-sales services segment, now offers our complete One Stop Solution service both on the East and West coast.

Marius Balger/CEO and President of BIT Analytical Instruments Inc,
“With this investment BIT will get even closer to its customers. Our One Stop Solution includes all outsourcing services from product development through manufacturing to after-sales services, all out of one hand. It is the right global answer to globally integrated customer’s requirements. We now bring not only the know-how of more than 30 years of complex instrument manufacturing into the portfolio, but with Source Scientific, being a part of the BIT Global Operation, our clients have access to 27 years of instrument product development knowledge, experience, and success. In addition, our global service network offers our customers the most efficient way of life-cycle instrument management beyond the instrument installation at a customer’s site.”

About BIT Analytical Instruments
BIT Analytical Instruments, for over 30 years, has been the leading contract services provider for a wide range of diagnostic and medical instrument applications. This covers outsourcing services from product development, through manufacturing, to after-sales services.

As member of the financially strong MEC Group and part of the international Messer World, we can utilize our global platform to offer services to OEM clients all over the world. Messer World employs 6000 people in more than 120 countries.

Now with 200 employees, many of them experienced engineers and technicians, BIT Group develops, assembles, and services thousands of instruments annually used for a range of applications.

Through our optimized state-of-the-art product development and manufacturing processes, we are able to make a key contribution to our customers' commercial success. We integrate the KAIZEN culture, strict cost management, and value engineering for each type of instrument, aimed at creating value from development through realization.

Our objective is to offer a One Stop Solution for our valued OEM customers, covering the supply chain in several market segments from design and engineering to after-sales service in USA, Europe, and Asia. This allows our customers to launch their instruments faster, in top quality, and more cost effectively in their designated markets.