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BFW, Inc.


BFW, Inc., the industry leader in surgical headlight technology, announced an unprecedented warranty for a high intensity fiber optic headlight system. Its new ChromaLUME™ turbo plasma light source lamp is now warranted for a period of five years or 10,000 hours, which ever comes first, under normal use.

BFW’s new ChromaLUME™ Turbo – the next generation high-intensity surgical headlight system, introduces the first intelligent means to a powerfully bright, ecologically clean, functionally stable solution for the operating room with unprecedented lamp life and significant cost savings to end users.

BFW™ developed ChromaLUME™ Turbo by utilizing LIFI® technology, an innovative plasma lamp capable of producing 10,000 hours of sunlight equivalent (5,800° Kelvin) light that operates safer, longer and more stable, while remaining consistently brighter than a xenon cermax lamp. Xenon is the current industry standard, but significantly dims after 100 hours and must be replaced after 500 hours of use.

With this new approach, LIFI® maximizes solid-state electronics with consistent output and digital control while emitting the high intensity, full spectrum output surgeons require. It also uses one-third less energy than any existing high-intensity medical lighting technology. LIFI, developed by the Luxim Corporation of Sunnyvale, California is world leader in light emitting plasma technology. BFW™ is the first to develop a fiber optic surgical illuminator with this innovation.

ChromaLUME™ turbo meets Certified Standards IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2,
CE, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1.2.

According to BFW President/CEO Lynn R. Cooper, “Rather than push a technology we have promoted for two decades such as xenon, we acknowledge that it met its limit. Our new group of engineers worked on the next innovation in dynamic surgical lighting. Our new team’s way of thinking led to our greatest achievement.”

The new system offers BFW’s all new XtremeBeam™ fiber optic headlight – an industry breakthrough in high-comfort ergonomics with the high performance engineering, design and technological advancements expected by the most demanding surgeon.

CHROMALume™ Turbo Offers Unmatched, Innovative Features:
Unprecedented 10,000 Hours of Consistent, Intense Lamp Life.

Depending on the individual needs of a surgeon, CHROMALume™ Turbo allows the surgeon dual modes of intensity. For example in Normal Mode: 170,000 LUX or 17,000 foot-candles of light is available, while in Turbo Mode illumination can be increased to 220,000 LUX or 22,000 foot-candles exceeding 300-watt xenon and offering twenty times more lamp life, hence saving the user thousands of dollars in bulb replacement costs during the unit’s operational life span. Typically xenon bulbs are replaced every 500 hours at an average cost of $1,000 per lamp. LIFI® eliminates illumination intensity decay by producing light with solid-state plasma, not with tungsten electrodes as in xenon lamps. Electrodes significantly decay and lose brightness after 100 hours.

A Greener Technology
ChromaLUME™ with LIFI® utilizes one-third less energy than xenon bulbs while producing brighter, whiter and more consistent illumination. It also eliminates the pollution caused by disposing spent bulbs with xenon gas into landfills.

Reduces Down Time- Lowers Cost of Operation By eliminating the metal to glass construction seen in traditional xenon bulbs, ChromaLUME™ with LIFI® significantly reduces down time from mechanical failures.
Stable and Flicker-free CHROMALume™ Turbo offers an extremely stable light output with no flicker or variation in intensity as seen in xenon illumination. As a result, signal-to-noise ratio enhanced for sensitive applications requiring visualization and digital imaging.
Extended Life of the Unit
Groundbreaking LIFI® technology eliminates conventional failure modes and excessive heating associated with xenon and metal halide systems. The result is unprecedented reliability in a surgical illumination system, significantly reducing cost of ownership and increasing up time.

Ergonomic Design
With the surgical suite in mind, CHROMALume™ Turbo offers flat membrane touch pad controls prohibiting build up of debris or contaminants on the unit, a four-port rotating turret accommodating most fiber optic cables.

“On-Board” Diagnostics
Digital screen readout offers lamp life, intensity and maintenance warning icons for easy assessment.

BFW, Inc. is a privately held small business based in Louisville, Kentucky that manufacturers surgical lighting and surgical headlight imaging systems. For more information call 1-800-717-4673.