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BERCHTOLD: Delivery of Surgical Lighting Sets and Camera Systems to China

Efficient and powerful illumination for operations.

Tuttlingen, 24th November 2011 - Shao Yifu Hospital in Hangzhou – capital of Zhejiang Province in China which located 200 kilometres south-west of Shanghai – has given BERCHTOLD an order for the delivery of 22 surgical lights and two camera systems. The new equipment will be used in the operating rooms of the branch clinic in the Xiasha district of the city. Shao Yifu Hospital belongs to Zhejiang University, one of Chinese elite universities.

The medical device manufacturer is providing 14 of Chromophare E 550 halogen lamp sets in combination with the E 650 and three individual Chromophare E 550s. These use the 'BERCHTOLD Reflective Illumination Technology' (BRITe), which reflects undesirable warm infrared radiation accurately back to the filament to heat it further. This produces additional light beams, of which again only the cool, visible light can escape. This technology produces 50 percent more light intensity while maintaining the same energy consumption and lighting head temperature.

Shao Yifu Hospital has also ordered two Chromophare D 300 treatment and examination lights. Their high-performance polygon reflector, with its mirror-like surface, almost completely eliminates shadows. 98% of the original lighting intensity is directed onto the light field. With a colour temperature of 4,500 kelvin, the D 300 generates a neutral white light. The surgeon can thus clearly distinguish between different tissues. Shao Yifu Hospital has already been using the Chromophare D-series for ten years.

Three sets each of Chromophare E 668 and E 558 LED lights are also going to China. The high-performance LEDs produce a uniformly illuminated light field for the most diverse surgical situations. Infrared-free – and thus cool – light provides good working conditions for the surgeon and reduces the drying out of tissues to a minimum. BERCHTOLD LED lights work efficiently and cost-effectively with an average life of 25,000 hours.

BERCHTOLD is also equipping the clinic with an HD-ChromoVision camera system that transmits operations to monitors with faithful colour rendering. The camera captures images with five times higher resolution and has a standard interface for external control, video routing and remote transmission. The second camera type, the ChromoVision ECO, has a manual, powerful zoom and can be used universally. This model requires only a short minimum distance to the surgical field.

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Three sets each of Chromophare E 668 and E 558 LED lights with an HD-ChromoVision camera system are going to China.
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