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German Healthcare Export Group e.V. (GHE e.V.)

B. Braun: Nerve Stimulation plus Ultrasound

MELSUNGEN. GHE-member B. Braun Melsungen AG and GE Healthcare have agreed upon a cooperation to improve the safety in the field of peripheral nerve block anesthesia. The combination of nerve stimulation and ultrasound improves safety in regional anesthesia.

Subject of the cooperation is the combination of the B. Braun nerve stimulator Stimuplex HNS12 and corresponding needle and catheter systems with the high quality, GE LOGIQe ultrasound compact system. By accurately visualizing the patient’s neural anatomy, the stimulation needle can be guided safely and accurately to the target nerve under nerve stimulation.

Previously, nerve blocks were performed blindly. The use of nerve stimulators figuratively opened up one eye. Suddenly, anesthesiologists could "see" the target and accurately judge the needle tip's distance to the nerve.

“Now, the combination of ultrasound and nerve stimulation opens up both anesthesiological eyes. Ultrasound visualization of the neural structure lets you inject the local anesthetic drug and watch it spread with double the confidence”, explains Wolfgang Pape-Werlich, Marketing Manager Regional Anesthesia at B. Braun.