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Axelgaard Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Axelgaard Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence!

AXELGAARD MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. is proud to announce the…

-Celebration of our 25th Year Anniversary!

This is an achievement we do not take lightly. We believe that by maintaining focus on the highest level of technology, product quality and customer service that we’ve been rewarded with your continued business.

-New corporate web site!

The new website offers a complete list of our unique Products and Technologies - PALS®, UltraStim®, ValuTrode®, Ionto480® and MultiStick®.

-New Support Website and Electrode Placement & Functional Movement™ Video

As a tribute to the rehabilitation industry for the many years of support, Axelgaard released a DVD titled “Electrode Placement & Functional Movement”. This video provides comprehensive information on the placement of electrodes and the movement expected for effective neurostimulation treatments. In addition to the DVD, the video chapters are now available 24/7 for free viewing at We trust this will serve as a reference to help improve the quality of, and expand the use of, Functional Electrical Stimulation.

On behalf of Axelgaard Manufacturing and its 25 years of proud history, we thank you look forward to the next 25 years.