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Award winning Canadian innovator returns to MEDICA with CE-certified cordless home sleep diagnosis device

BresoDx, a cordless, single-user device for diagnosing sleep apnea has garnered approval for use in the European Union and won its co-inventors an inventor of the year award as well as the Product of Outstanding Interest Award of the European Respiratory Society’s meeting this year

TORONTO, October 13, 2016 – BresoTec Inc. will showcase its sleep apnea home diagnostic device, BresoDx®, at MEDICA 2016, November 14-17 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The annual fair is considered the world stage for medical innovation. 

“We are delighted to be returning with BresoDx now that its three inventors, back home in Canada, have been formally recognized for their innovation and that the European Commission has granted it the CE marketing authorization,” says Julie Brogren, COO and Global VP of Sales and Marketing for BresoTec. 

BresoDx is a cordless sleep test device worn comfortably over the head and nose. As such, it is suitable for independent use in unattended settings, such as in the home or with minimal assistance, in regular hospital wards and nursing homes. Compared to complicated sleep test equipment in labour-intensive sleep labs, BresoDx promises to significantly simplify diagnosis for clinicians, as well as give easier access to and convenience of, conducting sleep testing for patients in their home.

“Receiving EU approval for BresoDx is a critical milestone for BresoTec,” says company Chairman and CEO, Dr Geoff Fernie, one of the device’s three co-inventors, as well as the Director of Research at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute where the BresoDx was first developed. “It gives us tremendous encouragement to continue commercializing innovation from our world-class research center.”

In 2016, Dr. Fernie, along with Dr. Hisham Alshaer and Dr. T. Douglas Bradley were named Inventors of the Year by the University Health Network, Toronto’s 600-researcher strong cluster of teaching hospitals and institutes. The award recognizes the inventiveness of BresoDx’s proprietary acoustic and movement recording technology as well as its potential to address a significant unmet medical need to provide easier access to sleep apnea diagnosis.

In addition, the European Respiratory Society (ERS) selected BresoDx as a winner of the 2016 Product of Outstanding Interest (POINT) Award at their 2016 International Congress which took place in London, UK, 3-7 September. The POINT award recognizes innovations that contribute to solving key challenges in modern respiratory healthcare.

About BresoTec

BresoTec Inc., a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario, develops, manufactures and sells products for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. BresoTec’s first product, BresoDx, is an innovative device using breath sound and movement recording technology to aid in the diagnosis of sleep apnea. It is the world’s first cordless, single-user, home sleep testing device for this purpose. The accuracy of BresoDx versus the in-lab standard test for detecting sleep apnea (polysomnography) has been validated in several clinical trials led by Drs. Hisham Alshaer and Douglas Bradley of the University Health Network. Such accuracy in a simple, cordless device establishes BresoDx as a reliable, cost- effective and user-friendly home sleep test for physicians, patients and health care providers.
BresoDx received regulatory approval from Health Canada in December 2014 and from the European Commission (CE marking) in February 2016.

The technology behind BresoDx was developed by iDAPT Research at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, iDAPT Research is the leading rehabilitation research center in the world. Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is a part of University Health Network (UHN) and is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto. BresoTec was founded by UHN and MaRS Innovation, a non-profit incubator that acts on behalf of 14 of Toronto’s top universities, institutions and research institutes, as well as the MaRS Discovery District. BresoTec’s technology is exclusively licensed from UHN.

About sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by repetitive cessations of breathing during sleep that disrupt sleep and cause excessive daytime sleepiness. It affects around 10% of the adult population globally. It is treatable, but less than 15% of North Americans with the condition have been diagnosed; fewer elsewhere. Left untreated, sleep apnea leads to serious health complications, including a 3-4 fold increase in the risk of hypertension, stroke and heart failure. Untreated sleep apnea is also associated with a similar increase in the risk of traffic accidents due to sleepiness.

The low rate of diagnosis is mainly due to the lack of access to, and the substantial cost and inconvenience of undergoing overnight testing in a sleep laboratory as well as the complexity of existing home sleep tests. BresoDx is designed to meet the need for a reliable, cost effective and simpler technology for sleep apnea diagnosis.

To learn more about BresoDx, please visit us during MEDICA 2016 at the Ontario/Canada Pavilion, Hall 16, Booth G50.

You can also locate us in “Companies & Products" on the medica-tradefair.com portal. 

As well, visit our website: bresotec.com for more insight into BresoDx and sleep apnea.

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