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Automatic doors in compliance with EN16005

The European Union adopted in April 2013 new regulations regarding the safety of persons in the use of Automatic Doors. The EN 16005 covers the same level of pedestrian protection in power operated doors throughout the whole European region for every new installation. While this standard considers all parts of powered entrances as potential danger zones during opening and closing, Portalp doors are equipped with necessary components, equipments and radars to avoid any potential obstacle, to optimise the traffic flow, to limit forces against impacts, to keep safety distances…

Portalp technical teams are specially trained to manage new installations as well as renovation and retrofitting projects by advising customers on installation upgrades. Our specialised maintenance teams will help you keeping your installations running for long years using original spare parts.

From more than 50 years PORTALP products have been continuously enhanced, tested and approved to best fit your needs and ensure your whole safety. Portalp products are in compliance with the present European standards and directives as the EN16005 standard. Our range of automatic doors is also CE, TUV, UL, ANSI, BS… approved to meet highest international standards.