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Automatic conveyor system is a perfect fit for Miele decontamination units

CSSD units reprocessing large volumes of instruments are constantly on the look-out for ways of streamlining processes. Miele's solution are large decontamination units with automatic loading and unloading facilities, saving valuable time and effort. Such a system, in the form of new automatic conveyors to be launched in 2Q08 will be presented at this year's Medica.

This system ideally complements Miele's new PG 8528 decontamination unit, launched in spring of 2007. This additional equipment reduces the operator's workload in that loaded mobile units need only be placed on the infeed conveyor after loading. CSSD operatives can then assume other duties. In the meantime, a linear conveyor automatically draws the load into the unit as soon as the cabinet is vacant. The automatic load sensing system identifies the mobile unit and ensures that the correct reprocessing programme is run.

At the end of the programme, a similar conveyor on the opposite, clean side of the operation automatically removes the reprocessed load from the decontamination unit. The mobile unit is then parked until it is removed and reprocessing results can be inspected. By this time, the next load waiting on the unclean side has already entered the decontamination unit for reprocessing.

Depending on the needs of clients, Miele offers a variety of conveyor configurations. The new system offers three infeed versions, accommodating one, two or three mobile units as well as two outfeed conveyers for one or two units.

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